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Various notes from the Accelerating Devices Lab (X-Dev) of Jülich Supercomputing Centre

GPU Vendor/Programming Model Compatibility Table


For a recent talk at DKRZ in the scope of the natESM project, I created a table summarizing the current state of using a certain programming model on a GPU of a certain vendor, for C++ and Fortran. Since it...


Talk: Introduction to HPC


TL;DR: I held a HPC intro talk. Slides are below. In MAELSTROM, we connect three areas of science: 🌍Weather and climate simulation with 🤖Machine Learning methods and workflows using 📈HPC techniques and...


DOIng it Right! (DOIs for This Blog)


1This blog is an experiment. We want to share bits and pieces of our work; the reports we write, the presentations we hold, or the little discoveries we make, or even some first, water-testing investigations;...


First Benchmarks with AMD Instinct MI250 GPUs at JSC


A few months ago, we extended the JURECA Evaluation Platform1 at JSC by two nodes with AMD Instinct MI250 GPUs (four GPUs each). The nodes are Gigabyte G262-ZO0 servers, each with a dual socket AMD EPYC 7443...


OOPS Version 1 Release


A few days ago, OPTIMA announced the release of deliverable 3.5, to which I contributed. This deliverable is part of a set of five deliverables under work package 3. But first, let’s talk about...


X-Dev Website at fz-juelich.de


At the end of May, Forschungszentrum Jülich got a new website. Finally, the group also has a dedicated page there, listing the things we do, the project we are part of, and all the members in the group. And...