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Amazonian Morpho butterflies: three genomes with a twist

Hans Zauner

Morpho butterflies are emblematic species of the Amazonian rainforest known for their metallic shades of blue and green. Despite their conspicuous looks and fascinating biology, large-scale genome sequencing...


Multi-dimensional data for Cooinda the dingo

Hans Zauner

A new GigaScience article presents rich multi-dimensional data for one Alpine dingo named Cooinda. The high-quality genome sequence, other molecular biology data, and magnetic resonance imaging of brain...

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Plant and Animal Genomes (PAG) Comes Storming Back!

Chris Hunter

PAG30 flyer After 2 cancellations due to the pandemic, the Plant and Animal Genomes conference returned to its in-person format in January with its 30th edition. A number of the talks focused on the...

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Cell Biology in Washington DC: GigaScience at ASCB/EMBO Cell Bio 2022

Chris Armit

The Washington DC Walter E. Washington Convention Center was the venue for the recent Cell Bio 2022 Meeting that took place on 3-7 December 2022. Cell Bio 2022, the joint meeting of the American Society for...

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1,600 plant extracts reveal their secrets

Hans Zauner

Plants are full of biochemical potential. Today in GigaScience, we publish an article that presents a searchable library of spectra and molecules found in a collection of 1,600 plant extracts. This open...

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Celebrating and innovating: This was 2022 at GigaScience Press

Hans Zauner

It was a year to remember, for more than one reason: 2022 marked the 10th anniversary of GigaScience‘s launch. The journal’s younger sibling GigaByte got an award and continued to innovate with living...