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Typst Musings

Albert Krewinkel

Typst, the new writing tool, was open sourced a couple of days ago. This is right up my alley of course, and I have a couple of thoughts on it, which I share here. What is it? Typst is a writing tool that’s...


Auto-numbered list continuations

Albert Krewinkel

Pandoc’s Markdown allows for “fancy lists”, i.e., lists with different styles used for the marker of ordered list items. E.g., the list (I) primus (#) secundus (#) tertius uses uppercase roman numerals and...


Semantic line breaks

Albert Krewinkel

Line breaks usually have no semantic meaning within a Markdown paragraph. However, using line breaks to mark the end of a sentece can help with productivity for various reasons.1 Documents with one sentence...


Install pandoc in custom Docker images

Albert Krewinkel

When pandoc is used in larger pipelines, e.g. in combination with Sphinx, it can be useful to pack everything up into one neat container. One option is to base the container on a pandoc image like...


Document font

Albert Krewinkel

Setting the document font this way works for ConTeXt, LaTeX, and HTML output. The fonts used in docx or odt output must be controlled with the reference document instead. The default LaTeX engine is pdflatex,...


Haskell usedata objects

Albert Krewinkel

When extending pandoc (or Quarto) with Lua filters, we interact with so-called Lua userdata objects. These objects are used to wrap document AST elements, making them accessible from Lua scripts. They mostly...


Generating a sitemap with Quarto

Albert Krewinkel

Sitemaps are an easy way to list all pages that a search engine should crawl and index. Quarto supports the standard, XML based Sitemap Protocol, although that fact is a bit hidden in the docs. Quarto will...


Pandoc resources

Albert Krewinkel

These are the resources that I’d want to have if I was to learn about pandoc (the universal document converter) all over again: Installing latest release The GitHub release page has installers for Windows,...


Quarto Website with GitHub Actions

Albert Krewinkel

Quarto makes it very easy to publish a website via GitHub Pages: It is as simple as running quarto publish gh-pages. Here we explore a slightly different method that uses a GitHub Action to publish the...


Santa’s Little Lua Scripts

Albert Krewinkel

Santa sighted deeply as worry and uncertainty gave way, leaving a feeling of relieve and accomplishment. The year was one of the worst he’d seen so far. Large numbers of his helpers were moving from the North...


PDF Version of the Lua Manual

Albert Krewinkel

A question came up on the Lua mailing list, asking whether there was a PDF version of the Lua manual. This is, of course, the home domain of pandoc, and I got nerd-sniped into producing a PDF (and ePUB)...


Extending pandoc with Lua

Albert Krewinkel

My first exposure to Lua has been as a pandoc user, and adding new Lua features to pandoc turned Lua into one of my favorite languages. In this post I will take a look at pandoc, the universal document...


MetaNook2014 – Command Line Talk

Albert Krewinkel

Last night was the night of this year’s MetaNook. It was the fourth time that the local hackers, most notably MetaMeute and Chaotikum, joined forces to organize a night full of beginner-friendly...


rt6_redirect: source isn’t a valid nexthop for redirect target

Albert Krewinkel

The zeitkraut server is configured to work with IPv6. For quite some time now, I’ve been seeing some strange errors in my log files. If you’ve been noticing something similar, here is what’s going on and how...

command-linekey bindings

How to configure zsh with vi bindings and nice shortcuts

Albert Krewinkel

Having a good working environment is vital for feeling comfortable being productive. This extends to computational tools and the command shell is an integral part of the daily work for many of us. It’s a good...