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In the past week, three senior research strategy figures at the University of Oxford have called for removing the open access ‘burden’ from the rules for the next Research Excellence Framework (REF). For the past REF excercise, open access has been a requirement for all submitted journal articles and UKRI are also now consulting on plans to include books within the rules for the next exercise.

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Im SynSICRIS-Projekt wurde ein Ansatz verfolgt, wie Forschungsinformationssysteme (FIS) genutzt werden können, um in Forschungsprojekten Daten zu Aktivitäten zu sammeln, die Wirkungspotential aufbauen und gesellschaftlichen Impact damit wahrscheinlicher machen. Dafür wurden gezielt Synergien mit ohnehin erforderlichen Dokumentationsprozessen gegenüber dem Forschungsförderer geschaffen.

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Author Chiara Di Giambattista

The Founder and Co-Director of OpenCitations, Prof. David M. Shotton, peacefully passed away on Saturday, 18th May, after a long battle against illness. With his death, OpenCitations lost a Director, a Mentor, and a Guide. OpenCitations wouldn’t have existed without David’s foresight, which led him to design the first prototype of OpenCitations as a one-year project founded by JISC in 2010.

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Authors Alysson Mazoni, Rodrigo Costas

A broad landscape of open research information systems The landscape of open research information systems is broad. In addition to large (and global) open data sources like OpenAlex, OpenAIRE, or PubMed, we also have local or regional open data sources like SciELO, Redalyc or LaReferencia.

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The origin of the phrase "publish or perish" was first questioned by Eugene Garfield (1996). He wrote that he had used the phrase in his speeches for thirty years, but had not heard anything about its origin. He consulted professors, librarians, dictionaries, and the Internet, but never found out who first suggested the phrase.

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Author Chris Hartgerink

The most common definition of anti-semitism is the racist treatment of Jewish people. [1] Even though when we talk about racism we often talk about white supremacist racism towards Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), racism can be directed to any group. [2] But that also means that if you have been learning about racism since Black Lives Matter, we can use that knowledge to understand anti-semitism better.

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Die sogenannten Mirror Journals beschäftigen die bibliothekarische Community bereits seit einigen Jahren. Das Publizieren in diesen Zeitschriften widerspricht nach überwiegendem Konsens den etablierten Förderkriterien vieler wissenschaftlicher Einrichtungen, indem der Grundsatz „keine Förderung von hybriden Zeitschriften“ unterwandert wird.