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Published in Upstream
Authors Moumita Koley, Megha Sud

The International Science Council is a non-government organization that brings together 45 international scientific Unions and Associations, over 140 national and regional scientific organizations, including Academies and Research Councils, 60 international Federations and Societies, and Young Academies and Associations. The ISC is charting a path toward the mission to advance human development within sustainable planetary and

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Author Fabian Rack

Wie steht’s um die rechtliche Seite der Webanalyse? Fabian Rack zeigt: In den meisten Fällen braucht es eine Einwilligung der Nutzer*innen, um ein Webanalyse-Tool wie Matomo einzusetzen. Das liegt an der DSGVO, vor allem aber am E-Privacy-Recht, das im TTDSG geregelt ist. Statistiken, die mit Webanalyse-Tools wie Matomo gewonnen werden, basieren auf Nutzungsdaten.

Published in rOpenSci - open tools for open science
Authors Apoorv Anand, Bruna Wundervald, Eunseop Kim, Emi Tanaka, François Michonneau, Francisco Cardozo, Erle Holgersen, Marie Vendettuoli, Jonathan Keane, Yanina Bellini Saibene

One important aspect of rOpenSci’s mission is to build capacity and promote passionate community members who help the open science and open source software community grow and improve. The rOpenSci Champions Program is a unique opportunity for us to identify, recognize, and reward such individuals and support them in their work to improve their communities and the wider ecosystem.

Published in Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week
Author Matt Wedel

Here are some cervical ribs of sauropods that show a spectrum of morphologies, from a low dorsal process that makes an obtuse angle with the shaft of the rib in Dicraeosaurus (upper right), to one that makes a right angle in Brontosaurus (center), to a prominent spike of bone in Apatosaurus (bottom left), to a […]

Published in Liberate Science
Author Liberate Science

The climate crisis demands immediate action, in order to prevent every bit of warming we can. Organizations are big emitters, because they consume, spend, and grow — a lot. All of those economic activities are strongly coupled with emissions. We do our emission assessments because that information is key to taking informed action. Our previous assessments in 2019, 2020, and 2021 already influenced our equipment policy and event policy.

Published in Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week
Author Mike Taylor

Everybody(*) knows that the turiasaurian sauropod Moabosaurus has bifurcated cervical ribs: it was all anyone was talking about back when that animal was described (Britt et al. 2017). We’ve featured the best rib here before, and here it is again: (*) All right, but you know what I mean.

Published in OpenCitations blog
Author Chiara Di Giambattista

Blog post by Ivan Heibi (University of Bologna), Arianna Moretti (University of Bologna) and Chiara Di Giambattista (University of Bologna). In the past five years, the OpenCitations data has been enriched with numerous new indexes of open citation data from different sources.