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Published in Front Matter

Today I am relaunching the Syldavia Gazette blog on a new blogging platform, switching from Ghost to Quarto. This allows me to use Jupyter notebooks in the blog to help generate blog posts. The Syldavia Gazette (the other blog I manage besides the Front Matter blog) description says The Syldavia Gazette is a newsletter highlighting interesting science stories from around the web.

Published in FAIR Data Digest

on the meeting point of cultural heritage and technology: Heritage Science. Looking at the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science and the need for FAIR data not only coming from digitized content but also from measurements of specialized scientific instruments.

Published in rOpenSci - open tools for open science
Authors Alejandra Bellini, Yanina Bellini Saibene

The R-Universe is used by professionals from different fields, although they all pursue the same objective: to offer their R packages in a simple and accessible way . At rOpenSci we work to provide tools that facilitate access to data and research software generated with good software development practices and in a friendly community.

Authors Alejandra Bellini, Yanina Bellini Saibene

El Universo R es utilizado por profesionales de distintos ámbitos, aunque todos persiguen el mismo objetivo: ofrecer sus paquetes de R de manera simple y accesible . Desde rOpenSci trabajamos para ofrecer herramientas que faciliten el acceso a datos y software de investigación generado con buenas prácticas de desarrollo de software y en una comunidad amigable.

Published in Front Matter

Today I am happy to announce an important milestone for the Rogue Scholar science blog archive. Starting November 1st, all blog posts from participating blogs will automatically be archived by the Internet Archive. Front Matter has signed a contract with Internet Archive to use their Archive-It service, and archiving will start in November.

Published in quantixed

In a previous post, I looked at how Google Scholar ranks co-authors. While I had the data available I wondered whether paper authorship could be used in other ways. A few months back, John Cook posted about using Jaccard index and jazz albums. The idea is to look at the players on two jazz albums and examine the overlap.