Rogue Scholar Posts

Published in Everything is Connected
Author Ernesto Priego

R ecently we announced there’s new content in the journal, corresponding to our 13th and 14th volumes.Both volumes include a variety of work by 13 international scholars with affiliations in academic institutions based in nine different countries. I’d like to pesonally thank every author, editorial board member and peer reviewer who contributed to making the publication of these articles possible.

Published in Upstream

In a recent Upstream blog post we explored where data connected to papers funded by several U.S. Federal Agencies are published. Different data sharing practices across these agencies led to very different distributions of datasets across various repositories. We used CHORUS reports that combine linked article and dataset metadata as input for that work.

Published in Upstream
Authors Uttkarsha Bhosale, Gayatri Phadke, Anupama Kapadia

As we witness the ever-evolving landscape of technology, we realize that artificial intelligence (AI) is not just a buzzword anymore; it's a reality that is already leading to transformation in how scholarly research is published and disseminated.

Published in Upstream

Introduction A recent blog post described a new partnership between Metadata Game Changers and CHORUS aimed at understanding how CHORUS data can help federal agencies, other funders, and other users access and use information from the global research infrastructure to measure this infrastructure and understand connections between research objects.