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The climate crisis demands immediate action, in order to prevent every bit of warming we can. Organizations are big emitters, because they consume, spend, and grow — a lot. All of those economic activities are strongly coupled with emissions. We do our emission assessments because that information is key to taking informed action. Our previous assessments in 2019, 2020, and 2021 already influenced our equipment policy and event policy.

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Blog post by Ivan Heibi (University of Bologna), Arianna Moretti (University of Bologna) and Chiara Di Giambattista (University of Bologna). In the past five years, the OpenCitations data has been enriched with numerous new indexes of open citation data from different sources.

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The new Focal Area Engagement & Inclusion at CWTS aims to create a more diverse, inclusive and engaging science ecosystem. This blogpost introduces our main vision and roadmap for the future. We welcome any person or organisation interested in these topics to reach out to us!To develop our CWTS knowledge agenda we formed three focal areas at the start of this year to organise our activities.

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Inching towards the Dutch elections, increasing amounts of claims are being made about the (micro)targeting of different campaigns. Here are some: New Social Contract does not do any online ads. The Greens-Labour Party spent €323,000 - more than twice as much as the Democrats 66 (D66), who spent €153,000. The Think (Denk) Party is profiling for Turkish ethnicity. The senior 50PLUS party microtargeted on people who listen to Angerfist.

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The Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) hosted their fifth Scientometrics Summer School (CS 3 ) from September 18-26, 2023 in Leiden, the Netherlands. CS 3 turns theoretical ideas into hands-on research by engaging scientometrics graduate students with data, methods, and techniques used in the field. ScholCommLab members Chantal Ripp, Maddie Hare, Leigh-Ann Butler, and Rémi Toupin attended this year’s event.

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In this blog post, we examine key historical moments in research assessment, access to, and affordability of published research, to explain why Open Access and its economic models have become an incremental solution to a problem requiring a revolutionary change. Open access: a change in publishing with a limited reach Open Access is a movement and policy directive dedicated to reforming the closed or subscription-based