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The Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) hosted their fifth Scientometrics Summer School (CS 3 ) from September 18-26, 2023 in Leiden, the Netherlands. CS 3 turns theoretical ideas into hands-on research by engaging scientometrics graduate students with data, methods, and techniques used in the field. ScholCommLab members Chantal Ripp, Maddie Hare, Leigh-Ann Butler, and Rémi Toupin attended this year’s event.

Over the last few months, ScholCommLab members took part in over six conferences, including the: International Conference on Science, Technology, and Innovation Indicators (STI 2023), International Communication Association Conference (ICA 2023), and Bibliometrics and Research Impact Community Conference (BRIC 2023). In this blog post, we’re sharing highlights from each event.

By Alice Fleerackers, with input from Yao-Hua Law, Mario Malički, Luisa Massarani, Chelsea Ratcliff, and François van Schalkwyk The annual Scholarly Communications Institute (SCI) offers opportunities for interdisciplinary and international teams to come together to pursue complex projects related to a common theme.

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This blog post is the last of a four part series based on the keynote presentation by Stefanie Haustein at the Swiss Year of Scientometrics lecture and workshop series at ETH Zurich on June 7, 2023. Dr. Stefanie Haustein speaks to attendees of the first Swiss Year of Scientometrics lecture (ETH Zurich / Andreas Eggenberger) Responsible use of metrics As a last topic, I want to address a very