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From the start last year one important goal for the Rogue Scholar science blog archive was to make it easy to use for blog authors and readers. Today I want to focus on another aspect: keep it simple to run Rogue Scholar infrastructure. To address that goal I started development work last week to further simplify one important aspect of Rogue Scholar infrastructure: metadata conversion.

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Author Björn Brembs

We are looking for a PhD student interested in the functional, molecular and structural profile of neuronal circuits underlying learning, memory and behavior. In a 30-year research effort (lay summary, paper), we have recently identified a new gene (atypical PKC, aPKC) necessary for a form of motor learning in the fruit fly Drosophila and in which neurons it is required.

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The Rogue Scholar science blog archive is launching a new pricing plan this week: Project . Blogs that participate in the Project plan get all the benefits of the existing Team plan – unlimited blog posts with DOI registration, full-text search, and long-term archiving with the Internet Archive – for a one-time fee of $150.

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This week the Rogue Scholar science blog archive has added author affiliation name and ROR ID to the DOI metadata of about 2,500 of its 15K blog posts registered with Crossref. This makes Front Matter (the Crossref member registering Rogue Scholar DOIs) one of the top 10 ROR early adopters in Crossref metadata.

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Author Ernesto Priego

R ecently we announced there’s new content in the journal, corresponding to our 13th and 14th volumes. Both volumes include a variety of work by 13 international scholars with affiliations in academic institutions based in nine different countries. I’d like to pesonally thank every author, editorial board member and peer reviewer who contributed to making the publication of these articles possible.