Rogue Scholar Posts

Published in Everything is Connected
Author Ernesto Priego

R ecently we announced there’s new content in the journal, corresponding to our 13th and 14th volumes.Both volumes include a variety of work by 13 international scholars with affiliations in academic institutions based in nine different countries. I’d like to pesonally thank every author, editorial board member and peer reviewer who contributed to making the publication of these articles possible.

Published in Geo★ Down Under
Authors Hrvoje Tkalčić, Sima Mousavi

If we were lucky to travel to the Earth’s centre, perhaps as part of an international crew of terranauts chosen to observe and investigate our planet’s interior… just before entering the molten core, we would insist on making a “must stop” of our journey, almost like one of those vista points you can’t resist making a stop at, cruising along some imaginary coastal highway.