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Author Xuzeng He

An introduction to tools supporting PubMed Author: Xuzeng He ( ORCID: 0009–0005–7317–7426) PubMed is a free Web literature search service developed and maintained by the National Center for Biotechnology Information ( NCBI ), and it is also a part of NCBI’s Entrez retrieval system that provides access to a diverse set of 38 databases.

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GigaScience Press is pleased to announce GigaByte journal is now indexed in PubMed and PubMed Central (PMC) databases run by the US National Library of Medicine. PubMed being a searchable database of biomedical citations and abstracts, and PMC being a free digital archive of the full-text of Open Access articles.

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This recent tweet made me chuckle. It does seem that many structural biology papers have a title that begins “The structural basis of…”. I took a quick PubMed survey to look at its popularity. First a search of "structural basis"[ti] AND "journal article"[pt] gives us the number of research papers with “structural basis” in the title. This plot of the number of papers with this title each year is levelling off.

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Some journals sound like they should be bands. Whereas some journal titles ARE in fact the same as band names. I wondered… how many journal titles are also band names. Let’s find out! The journals cited in PubMed could be downloaded as a text file from here. This list includes every MEDLINE journal – even defunct ones – as well as non-MEDLINE journals where content is is in PMC. This will do for now, but is obviously limited.

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During the pandemic, many virtual seminar programmes have popped up. One series, “Motors in Quarantine“, has been very successful. It’s organised by my colleagues Anne Straube, Alex Zwetsloot and Huong Vu. Anne wanted to know if attendees of the seminar series were a fair representation of the field. We know the geographical location of the seminar attendees, but the challenge was to find a way to examine research activity at a country level.

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I am giving a talk next week and wanted to update some plots from an old analysis that previously featured on quantixed. The question is: how long does it take for a paper get published? The answer is complex (as previously discussed on quantixed), but we can at least find out using data from PubMed what journals declare as the time from when a paper is received to when it was published. The code is below and can be found here.

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At present BioStor provides a simple display of an article extracted from BHL. You get the page images, and sometimes a map and an altmetric "donut". But we can do better than this. For example, I'm starting to experiment with displaying a list of literature cited by the article.