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At the end of June 2024, Posit released a beta version of its next-generation IDE for data science: Positron. This follows Posit’s general vision for language-agnostic data analysis software: RStudio PBC renamed itself to Posit PBC in 2022 to help move away from a pure R focus, and Quarto is pan-lingual successor to R Markdown.

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I wrote previously about how to archive a Slack workspace. Well, now Slack announced a new policy, effective from August 26th, 2024. Under the new policy, messages and files older than one year in workspaces on the free tier will be deleted . This is in addition to the 90 day limit for viewing content in the workspace. This causes a problem with the solution I outlined previously.

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Exploring the OpenAlex Data Structure and Visualization Author: Qingqin Fang ( ORCID: 0009–0003–5348–4264) Introduction to OpenAlex In today’s world, the realm of research papers is brimming with countless hot topics, and the sheer volume of publications can be overwhelming.

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Hi everyone, welcome back to today’s edition in which I share a work update related to bibliographic data and provide information to an upcoming interesting talk. ::: {.subscription-widget-wrap attrs=“{"url":"","text":"Subscribe","language":"en"}” component-name=“SubscribeWidgetToDOM”} Thanks for reading FAIR Data Digest! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work.

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Soooo, my last job at Deck was amazing. I loved it. I was doing data engineer stuff there, mostly maintaining infrastructure for data pipelines. Everyone was great and the mission was amazing: helping Democrats win. Yet the company was shut down about a month ago, sending me on another job search, the 3rd since early/mid 2021.

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Earlier this year I set up a bot on Mastodon. The bot, AlbumsX3, posts an album suggestion twice-a-day. Performance has been good. It has only missed a few posts due – I think – to server glitches. However, I have made a couple of tweaks to upgrade the bot since my last post, so I thought I would detail them here. Preventing duplicate posts In the last post I wrote: Well, it wasn’t long before I needed to revisit this issue.

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Hi everyone, this week it’s all about hands-on! I will talk about a webinar on trying to fix quality issues in Wikidata by using its ontology. Additionally I will share a few resources around basics and advanced uses of the query language SPARQL that is used to query Linked Data, for example from Wikidata.