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Author Arfon M. Smith

Subscribe Now: Apple, Spotify, YouTube, RSS Nicolas Renaud joins Arfon and Abby to discuss QMCTorch, a PyTorch implementation of real-space Quantum Monte-Carlo simulations of molecular systems, and work to promote research software as a research output. Nico is the head of the Natural Sciences and Engineering section of the Netherlands eScience Center and Senior Researcher at the Quantum Application Lab.

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DataCite have released the Data Citation Corpus, together with a dashboard that summarises the corpus. This is billed as: The goal is to build a citation database between scholarly articles and data, such as datasets in repositories, sequences in GenBank, protein structures in PDB, etc. Access to the corpus can be obtained by submitting a form, then having a (very pleasant) conversation with DataCite about the nature of the corpus.

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Author Jeroen Ooms

A few weeks ago, prof Matt Crump wrote a blog post in which he explores tools to handle MIDI data in R, in preparation for a cognition experiment that involves creating musical stimuli. In the article he ends up using a mix of external command line tools ffmpeg and fluidsynth and a python module.

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Author Adam Day

So, we’ve established that papermills like to use templates. We see templates in referee reports and in the text of cookie-cutter research papers. There’s an important insight here:Templates are used in legit academic behaviour as well as in industrial research fraud.

The package waywiser maintained by Mike Mahoney provides ergonomic methods for assessing spatial models.Assessing predictive models of spatial data can be challenging,both because these models are typically built for extrapolating outside the original region represented by training data and due to potential spatially structured errors,with “hot spots” of higher than expected error clustered geographically due to spatial structure in the

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Author Research Graph

The AI Helper Turning Mountains of Data into Bite-Sized Instructions Author: Aland Astudillo LLMs have been changing the way the entire world deals with problems and day-by-day tasks. To make them better for specific applications, they need huge amounts of data and complex and expensive approaches to training them.

Published in rOpenSci - open tools for open science
Authors Ezekiel Adebayo Ogundepo, Sehrish Kanwal, Andrea Gomez Vargas, Liz Hare, Francesca Belem Lopes Palmeira, Yi-Chin Sunny Tseng, Mirna Vazquez Rosas Landa, Erika Siregar, Jacqui Levy, Yanina Bellini Saibene

The rOpenSci Champions Program starts this 2024 with a new cohort of Champions. We are pleased to introduce you to our Champions and their projects!Ezekiel Adebayo Ogundepo Hello, I’m Ezekiel, a data science professional deeply fascinated by the intersection of mathematics, statistics, and real-world challenges.

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Author Collectif

Nous vous avons laissé presque sans nouvelle en 2023, mais nous comptons nous rattraper en 2024. La sortie de Zotero 7 est pour bientôt, mais Zotero 6 encore notre quotidien. Voici donc quelques fonctionnalités, astuces et lectures glanées ces derniers mois et qui pourraient vous intéresser. Bonne lecture !