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I'm a backpacker sharing my journey into quantitative financial risks in the hopes that you don't have to suffer on your journey too.
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Rambling (proxy for an introduction) We are experiencing the chaos of the information age, and its technological advents with voracious evolution and expansion. And in the midst of all this we have the advent of Big Data that has reached the delights of many with Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. As a result, the idea of mathematical and statistical “models” became the rage, gaining visibility.


I started this website some time ago with the aim of writing down the expansion of my knowledge and experience in the area of financial risk management. And also other things like programming with R, econometric modeling and a little about data science and machine learning . So I’m going to use this publication as a starting point, and start discussing texts and examples applied to financial risks.


Na publicação de hoje, quero trazer uma brincadeira que fiz comigo mesmo, um pequeno incentivo para voltar a publicar conteúdos sobre R (eu já estava enferrujado) entre outros assunto sobre economia. Passeando pelo instagram, encontrei um perfil que pública muita informação sobre economia em formato de visualização, o Economista Visual.