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Podcast „Code for thought"

Author Kay Liewald

In dem Podcast „Code for thought” erzählen Kristine Schima-Voigt und Kay Liewald über unsere Erfahrungen mit agilen Methoden in der Gruppe Software- und Serviceentwicklung an der SUB Göttingen. Peter von „Code for thought” wurde auf der „Conference for Research Software Engineering in Germany“, kurz deRSE, auf uns aufmerksam.

How to simplify the familiarization with the code

Author Jörg Panzer

Getting involved in an ongoing or completed project is time-consuming. Creating good documentation (README and developer documentation) is not easy, time-consuming and usually questions remain unanswered and implementation details remain hidden. Ideally, members of the development team are available and can be asked.

Introducing a lightweight Node.js proxy registry service: Verdaccio


Using a dependency proxy with npm, yarn or pnpm in CI or local development can greatly reduce outgoing traffic. Fortunately, FE now maintains an instance of such service. Verdaccio – not only a classical underpainting technique Verdaccio is a simple, zero-config-required local private NPM registry. No need for an entire database just to get started.

Developers wanted (PHP, Java, TYPO3, Frontend, Symfony, Go, ...)


We are looking for developers who fit into our team - so if you want to work in a great work environment in a beautiful city (Göttingen) and are an experienced software developer, please apply. We are working with a wide range of technologies, so we hope, there’s something for you.

New blog from the colleagues


The colleagues from the other side of the library also started blogging, but more of the book- and collection related library topics. For hosting the blog, the platform was chosen. mainly focuses on academic content. Check it out at or subscribe to the RSS Feed.



I tried to improve the downlad-time and size of the assets used in this blog. This is mainly about optimizing the images for web. Not only that all JavaScript from this site has been removed previously, the images were a huge factor in the traffic of this page.. The images used in this blog are of different types. We use PNG, JPEG and SVG. Some of these files are huge and not optimized for web use.

Data Import by CI Job

Author Mathias Göbel

A data import is part of most of our projects and in some cases, we need to re-import all the data from time to time. This post shows how you can delegate this task to a GitLab CI job and start it by adding a certain keyword to your commit message. What is the problem? There are several circumstances when a data import (or a re-import) is required.

SymfonyWorld Online 2021 Summer Edition


I was quite sceptical if an online conference could make me pay attention in the same way a “physical” conference could. Spoiler: It could. There were some minor issues, such as not so perfect sound, but it was sufficient. The conference took place at an online platform (hopin). All sessions were pre-recorded and made available for all attendees after the conference.