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The most common definition of anti-semitism is the racist treatment of Jewish people. [1] Even though when we talk about racism we often talk about white supremacist racism towards Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), racism can be directed to any group. [2] But that also means that if you have been learning about racism since Black Lives Matter, we can use that knowledge to understand anti-semitism better.

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I was about to call this blog post From spreadsheets to RDF , after the post last week. But then I decided to just use the pattern I typically use. Why I wanted to use that shorter term in the first place was that one of the thing I like about the AMBIT software (of OpenTox and eNanoMapper fame) is its RDF support (see doi:10.1186/1756-0500-4-487). But RDF, ontologies, those are hard things.

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Die große Digitalkonferenz re:publica findet nächste Woche vom 27. bis 29. Mai in Berlin statt. gibt Empfehlungen für das reichhaltige und vielversprechende Programm rund um die Themen Plattformen, Medien, (digitale) Fürsorge, Offenheit und Künstliche Intelligenz. „Who cares?“ – zu deutsch etwa: Wen interessiert’s? Aber auch: Wer übernimmt die Pflege?

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Dear rOpenSci friends, it’s time for our monthly news roundup! You can read this post on our blog.Now let’s dive into the activity at and around rOpenSci!rOpenSci HQ rOpenSci in the Research Organization Registry rOpenSci was added to the Research Organization Registry (ROR) in its latest release. The ROR is a global, community-led registry of open persistent identifiers for research organizations.

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Anayasa Yapımının Anayasa Gerçekliği Üzerindeki Sınırlı Etkisi Alman Anayasası’nın Yürürlüğe Girişinin 75. Yıl Dönümünde Türkiye’deki Yeni Anayasa Tartışmaları İçin Çıkarılacak […]

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This week I updated the submission form for the Rogue Scholar science blog archive to clarify that participating blogs can't be journals (or books). Journals and journal articles have many similarities to blogs and blog posts, but they are something different, and out of scope for the Rogue Scholar science blog archive. One feature that can differentiate a journal from a blog is that journals often have volumes and issues.