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Do you storyboard your visuals?

Matt Wedel

Figure 1 from our 2021 paper on the Snowmass Haplocanthosaurus as I sketched it in my notebook (left) and as it got submitted (right). We shifted part F into a separate figure during the proof stage for...

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Two nice pneumatic Allosaurus vertebrae

Matt Wedel

I spent last week bombing around Utah and western Colorado with Dave Hone, who was over from England to visit those states for the first time in his life. We did some fieldwork out at Brachiosaur Gulch and...

Just Plain Wrongrants

More on the disturbing plausibility of ChatGPT

Mike Taylor

Prompted by a post on Mastodon (which, like all Mastodon posts, I can no longer find), I asked ChatGPT to tell me about my own papers. The response started out well but quickly got much worse. I will indent...

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Would we know about flow-through lungs if birds were extinct?

Mike Taylor

Last night a thought occurred to me, and I wrote to Matt: If birds had gone extinct 66 Mya along with all the other dinosaurs, would it ever have occurred to us that they had flow-through lungs? Is there —...

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The equine interspinal ligaments of Ray Wilhite

Mike Taylor

Our old friend Ray Wilhite sent us this glorious photo of a horse neck that he dissected recently, with permission to post here: The big yellow sheet at the top is the nuchal ligament, which in many mammals...

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An arresting image of an apatosaur vertebra

Matt Wedel

Here’s a cool photo of an apatosaur cervical in anterior view. This is from R. McNeill Alexander’s wonderful book Bones: The Unity of Form and Function, which was published in 1994. The whole book is packed...

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How the Concrete Diplodocus paper came to be

Mike Taylor

Last time, I told you about my new paper, The Concrete Diplodocus of Vernal (Taylor et al. 2023), and finished up by saying this: “But Mike, you ask — how did you, a scientist, find yourself writing a history...