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The Research Software Alliance (ReSA)

Daniel S. Katz, Michelle Barker

Research software is a key part of most research today. As University of Manchester Professor Carole Goble has said, "software is the ubiquitous instrument of science." Creating and maintaining research...

Thought Pieces

An Initial Scholarly AI Taxonomy

Adam Hyde, John Chodacki, Paul Shannon

Although advances in artificial intelligence (AI)1 have been unfolding for over decades, the progress in the last six months has come faster than anyone expected. The public release of ChatGPT in November...


Interoperable infrastructure for software and data publishing

Stephan Druskat, Kristi Holmes, Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez, Lars Holm Nielsen, Stefano Iacus, Adam Shepherd, John Chodacki, Danie Kinkade, Gustavo Durand

Research data and software rely heavily on the technical and social infrastructure to disseminate, cultivate, and coordinate projects, priorities, and activities. The groups that have stepped forward to...

Open Tabs

Bruce Caron is Keeping Tabs on AI

Bruce Caron

Like the rest of you, I’ve been deluged with opinions and advice about recent advances in AI. So, I hopped into the AI mosh-pit. Last fall, I grabbed an account on DALL-E and spun up intricate artwork in my...

Thought PiecesMeetings

Defining the roles of research software

Rob van Nieuwpoort, Daniel S. Katz

In November of 2022, the Research Software Alliance (ReSA) and the Netherlands eScience Center organized a two-day international workshop titled “The Future of Research Software.” In the workshop, funding...

Thought Pieces

Scholarly Infrastructure: a Latin American perspective

Carolina Tanigushi, Gabi Mejias

Infrastructure: what’s at stakeInfrastructure often is perceived as a “given”, as something that was always there, as “natural”. In the digital age, infrastructure seems more “natural” than ever (it's hard to...