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Pledging My Time VI: scraping and analysis of race results in R


I’ve posted in the past about analysing race results in R (most recently here). I ran the 2023 MK Marathon and wanted to have a look at the finishing times. The days of race results being made available as a...


Yet Another Movie: IMDB Top 250 movies


I’m not a big movie person. Nonetheless I have a media library with quite a few films in and I wondered how many “films to see before you die”-type movies I had in the collection, and how many were missing. I...

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Tips From The Blog XIX: initialising a new RStudio project


I like to set up a standardised directory structure for RStudio projects. The idea came from here. In brief, the structure is: Data/ Output/Data/ Output/Plots/ Script/ My typical workflow is therefore...


Probot: building a Mastodon bot


I have long admired albums2hear, a Twitter bot that posts albums. You can read a bit more about it here. There was no mastodon equivalent and so I decided to build one. You can follow the bot – currently...


Point Me At The Sky: wall art using Raspberry Pi camera images


I have a long-running Raspberry Pi camera project to capture images of the view from a window (more details here). A recent post on mastodon, which showed a keogram, encouraged me to take my PiCam images and...


Papers for MD9A8 – 2023 edition


It’s a New Year and so it is time to post the papers I have selected for a module that I teach on (MD9A8, the module formerly known as MD997). Previous selections are grouped here or here. The list serves...


Running Around: 2022 running dataviz in R


2022 was my best year for running to date. In 2021, my goal was to run 2021 km. For 2022, I wanted to see if I could run 2500 km and also to run 50 HM-or-more distance runs. I managed both and ended the year...

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Twitcher II: tweet frequency and top tweets


Another post looking at Twitter data in R. It follows this one and this one. I wanted to look again at my tweeting frequency over the 12 years on Twitter, but this time do it in a calendar view. Something...


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Another post about my time on Twitter. I will post the code in a separate post so that the R-bloggers don’t syndicate this one, which is about music. In my time on Twitter I occasionally posted about what...