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Evaluating research software proposals

Research software is an essential part of most research today, as I’ve written about before. One of the important models that allows people to develop and maintain it is grant funding: someone proposes...

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Benefits of sharing code with articles

I’m writing this blog post in preparation for a contribution to the upcoming RDA Plenary 19 session “BoF: Sharing code that supports research articles: is it time to align goals and publisher policies?”...


Event formats, including hybrid

I recently attended the hybrid SC21 conference in person, as one of the about 3000 in-person attendees, along with several thousand virtual attendees. (I don’t know the exact numbers, but in the past, an SC...


Senior level RSE career paths (with an s)

(by Daniel S. Katz, Kenton McHenry, Jong S. Lee) (in conjunction with a talk [slides, video] presented 28 September 2021 at SeptembRSE) Over the past nine years there has been growing acceptance of the...